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he feeds me soap and I can’t refuse to swallow
when I get a bruise he soothes it with ice
when I get a cold he goes for dry towels
he moves like a snail as soon as I get on the fast lane
fast lane
I am sour
I am hot
I am steaming
I am shotgun-tempered   - and the guy is so relaxed!
she feeds me cake and I cannot help but swallow
when I feel awake, she snoozes in my arms
when I grow a beard, she gets the lawn-mawer
I try to couchpotatoe but she wheazles round and round,
round and round
the rollercoaster
I´m easy
I´m cool
I´m breathing
like the all-time Buddha     - and the girl is so alarmed!
soapy soap my mouth is full of soap
where he had promised raspberries there´s foam now
wash down my arms, the dirt of a long days work
wash down my legs, the blood that´s leaking
scrub my face real hard, till it´s rough and red
and shiny and new
soapy soap my mouth is full of soap
raspberry foam now

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