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lesestoff > parlez-moi d'amour
fresh blood running
through these veins
fingertips so indecisive
Hungry eyes and a hungry heart
glued to a thing that is mistaken to be mobile
       stuck in a room
                  caged like a bird
                        like a hamster in a wheel
                   you send
one to the girl
one to the girl
one and another to the girl
reaction is zero
when will this stop

one to the guy
one to the boy
one to the brother with the fast car
speeding like insane
he never turns up
you wait for the plop

dudududu dududududu
dudududu dududududu

reaction zero
there‘s this hunger
and this yearning for a life
                  for the promise
                         for the unexpected
                                 for the world to enter the room
                       for the flow
                                that got stuck

young hearts fallen
in love again
flippin over like grasshoppers
restless legs and open arms
stomping the ground in Berlin Barcelona or Botsvana
where the party‘s going on

there‘s a party going on
party going on somewhere
and your life is going on
party going on going on somewhere else
there‘s right place to be
at the right time
with the right crowd
stomping the ground
dancing in oblivious trance
the dance that only youth knows
and now it‘s your turn
your time to move
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