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the remedy of Zelda Zonk

you look pale, he said
and offered me his poison remedy
on my knees I fell
and posed as supposed

you look beautiful
would you just lie down
on that fur and sigh
and I’ll take a few hot shots of you!?

am I supposed to eat shoestring, yeah?
is that some kind of lovething, yeah?
am I willing in in a hurtfling, yeah?
or am I voluntarily regarding myself with pain?

what's your name?
I keep forgetting,
may I just call you sugarbomb instead?
he laughs ( as if his joke were a joke )
Zelda Zonk is my name
when I am not that shiny empty box
but the undercover cover girl

is that a game of wishful thinking, yeah?
am I the only one here sinking, yeah?
did you call me your jewel?
or tool? and why?
do I need a wig to travel safely, yeah?
has public put me on a level, where
I can live on as a lover for all, for all, for ever?

for every soldier, farmer, housewife
or even the president?
hot, hot, hot, - that shot is red hot!
give me that look, get close, real close
that's close to overdose!
smile alright! yeah, babe that’s even better!
get intensive, get real intensive!
faster, turn, give us the look, give us all the boobs,
now – that turns me on-
that really turns me on!right!

shoestring, yeah, hurtfling, lovething, oh no
shoestring, hurtfling, is it love?
happy birthday Mr .President
“you look sad and blue,that’s great, so fragil! ” he exclaims,
“this shot will stick like glue!”

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