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my heart is afraid of being                                                              
flooded by emotion
so I keep it firmly in my hand
with serenity
you come over me,  absorbing

sand in my hand
waters at my toes
rise to my ancles
make me tickle
go tiptoe
flushing my shins up to my knees
moisten my inner thighs and
swilling my personal waterline
I liquidate me

your heart is afraid of irregularities
so you keep a ruler by your side
when suddenly
I come over thee,  absorbing

sand in your hand
water at your toes
rises to your ancle,
makes you tickle
go tiptoe
flushing your shins up to your knees
moisten your inner thighs
swilling your personal waterline
let me liquidate you

angst has no place in between us
nor has doubt
we look like chalk and coal
but we‘re heart and soul
scratching each others back,
touching more than skin, matching
we need to let go   let flow    

sand in our hands                                      
waters at our toes                                      
rise to our ancles                                       
makes us tickle                                          
go tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe                            
flushing our shins up to our knees
moistens our inner thighs
swilling our personal waterline
let‘s get liquidated
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