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Sally was a silly girl
she was my little baby sister
she talked just like a waterfall
she was  as useful as a blister
had to drag her all around town
my friends got so annoyed
nowadays she’s psycoanalists
and teaches Sigmund Freud
                                                     had I only known
                                                     about your headache on the phone
                                                     had I known about your sorrow
                                                     I could’ve called back tomorrow
                                                     but you were such a dotie
                                                     you couldn’t say: oh no, dear
                                                     you couldn’t say: just shut up, dear
                                                     my headache’s killing me
Dany was a wild guy
prince charming of the fake twins
their reputation walked ahead of me
whatever I would begin
aren’t you the sister of that
Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid ?
now he’s into real estate
no way would I admit
                                                    had I only seen
                                                    the frustration there had been
                                                    I could’ve told my doctor
                                                    he could’ve come around and talked to you
                                                    but you were such a mousy
                                                    you couldn’t say : I feel lousy
                                                    you didn’t say just go away
                                                    my heartache' s killing me
Sparky was a wild  bazooka
he was the larger of the boys
his look as fierce as fire
explosives were his favourite toys
had to drag him all around town
from age two to the peak of my voice
they said I was responsible
say did I have a choice?
                                                         had I only heard
                                                         all the trouble and alert
                                                         had I heard you say, you’re sick of it
                                                         I could’ve taken the burden off you
                                                         but you were such a cutie,
                                                        you never said: now I am off duty
                                                        you never said: go away evryone
I need to be alone!
If I only were a single child
I need to be alone. . . .
Sparky, get off that tree there! Sally! Dany It’s time for you to go to bed now!
and let's just be peaceful, I'll read out a book to you, shhh,...don’t let the bedbugs bite you!

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